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Texas Tortilla Factory

Making Quality Products such as Flour Tortillas
Taco Shell & Corn Tortillas and Much More!

(325) 653-5640

215 W Ave N, San Angelo, TX 76903, United States


Tortillas Perfected, with Dedication

“Tortillas Perfected with Dedication” captures the essence of our commitment to delivering the finest tortilla products to your table. With unwavering dedication, our team of artisans has honed their craft to create tortillas that are nothing short of exceptional. Each tortilla is carefully crafted, from selecting the finest ingredients to the precise cooking process, all driven by a relentless passion for perfection. You can taste the difference in every bite – the result of our dedication to excellence in every tortilla we produce. Experience the culmination of our hard work and commitment in “Tortillas Perfected with Dedication,” where every tortilla is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of quality and taste.


Corn Tortillas

“Authentic Corn Tortillas: Crafted with care, our corn tortillas bring the taste of tradition to your table. Made from premium corn, they’re the perfect foundation for your favorite Mexican dishes.”

Taco Shell

“Crispy Taco Shells: Elevate your taco game with our crispy and flavorful taco shells. Enjoy the satisfying crunch that turns every taco into a delicious fiesta!”

Die Cut

“Die-Cut Tortillas: Experience tortilla innovation with our perfectly shaped die-cut tortillas, designed for creative culinary presentations and delightful meals.”

Flour Tortillas

“Flour Tortillas: Our soft and versatile flour tortillas are a kitchen essential, ready to wrap up your favorite fillings or complement any dish with their delightful taste and texture.”


BEST corn products, plus some! Excellent customer service also! Qué más pido? Nada!



There tortillas are great. The company donated about a hundred or so to The Hopper House for our annual cookout at the Lake Nasworthy. Thanks again!!

Michael Jones


Everything is always great and as fresh as possible. We’ve had to try similar products when we couldn’t find Mrs. Rios products but they don’t even come close to the quality and flavor of Mrs. Rios so we’ll just stick with Mrs. Rios.

Daniel Smith


Enjoy a Taco Bowl  Made With Love

(325) 653-5640

215 W Ave N, San Angelo, TX 76903, United States

Monday: 8am – 5pm

Tuesday: 8am – 5pm

Wednesday: 8am – 5pm

Thursday: 8am – 5pm

Friday: 8am – 5pm

Saturday: 9am – 12pm

Sunday: CLOSED

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